Get Your Summer Body with OYA Body Shaping Clinics

Are you looking for safe and effective way to lose weight? Then maybe you should try visit OYA Body Shaping Clinics located at Menteng Jakarta.

Oya Clinic is is an exclusive anti-aging clinic, specializing in Face Lifts and Body Shaping. Oya Clinics have designed and developed a fast and truly effective treatment method for weight loss and skin tightening specifically designed for face lifts, using 100% natural ingredients in their award winning OYA cream.


The must try at this clinic are their two signature treatments are OYA Face Contour Treatment and OYA Body Shaping Treatment; these two treatments use scientifically proven cream which was created by Professor BakrRabie and patented only to OYA. This cream has won many awards and Professor BakrRabie’s research and development in natural fat reducing agents has also received world-wide recognition since 1996.

The OYA cream specifically targets the fat cells, activating the fat burning centers and triggering a biological reaction that burns fat naturally. This exclusive formula is made from 100% natural plant extracts and is applied directly to the skin on the areas you want to target for fat loss. This results in fast and guaranteed weight loss, and can burn up to 6cm of fat from the waist-line in just 40mins!

So what are you waiting for?!

Get your Summer Body Ready today!

Burn off stubborn fat and cellulite with our fat-burning OYA Cream, and tone
your muscles with Oya Clinic’s MicroCurrent machine.
Purchase 5 Signature Body Shaping Treatments for one Body Area for only

For more information ;
Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 54
Menteng Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021 31928433
Fax: 021 31928434
Email: [email protected]

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