Get Ready to Celebrate Love & Win a Dinner for Two at Warung Turki/Turkuaz!

Dear Jakartans!

I sure hope you had a good break over the Chinese New Year holiday; Jakarta was very briefly free from traffic as Jakartans head out of the city during the long weekend. This week, the yellow and gold décor is slowly transforming to hearts and bows as Valentine creeps up around the corner. Have you planned anything special yet? Check out ourValentine Events and Promotions page to get the best deals out of this month of love.

From the streets of Jakarta, reports that Jakarta’s Transportation Agency ensures that it will eliminate 124 bus routes in the city’s public transport rerouting. Of the 124 routes, 41 are in-city routes, while the rest are intercity busses. The elimination is done as most of the routes have already been covered by the Transjakarta bus and are deemed redundant for Jakarta’s public transportation. After the full-sized busses, the reorganization of medium sized busses (metromini & kopaja) and micro-busses (angkot) will also follow. We can’t wait until Jakarta is angkot free!

Treat your loved one to a fantastic Turkish dinner this month of love at Turkuaz/Warung Turki. Just answer this simple question for this week’s quiz: “What is Turkuaz’s Address?” Submit your answer to [email protected] and see if you’re the lucky winner to last week’s quiz here!

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  1. Welly Kurniawan

    Are you sure Jakarta will get be free from angkot someday ?. Anything is possible but…it needs so many things that have to be done first…especially economic. Either the people’s economic or the country itself.

    But the most important thing to realize is Mentality. Does the people in the government circle really want to work for the citizens or just better have a job…and think about themselves.

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