Fresh From the Grill: Weekend Barbecue at The Dharmawangsa’s Jakarta Restaurant

There’s always a surprise waiting at Dharmawangsa’s Jakarta Restaurant. This time we were informed of their latest Weekend Barbecue promo, where a wide selection of barbecue favorites is showcased alongside Jakarta’s signature buffet menus.

Upon entering in the restaurant, we were greeted by a row of neatly placed traditional–and some even hard to find—Indonesian snacks, sweets, and candied fruits. We were then ushered to the courtyard area, an alfresco setting surrounding a water fountain where diners can enjoy their food in a relaxed atmosphere and nicely lit surrounding of Dharmawangsa’s lush greenery.


The buffet selection is served around the sitting area on the restaurant’s beautiful courtyard for the guests to choose; first we checked out the the display of the fresh meat and fresh seafood selection ready to hit the grill at the guests’ disposal. We decided on some squid, red snapper, lobsters, a couple of the impressive looking tenderloin and the organic lamb chops, and informed the servers of our choice. Along with that, served also the fresh salads with a selection of dressing, soup, and condiments.

That night Jakarta Restaurant also brought in their Indian food stand consisting of few different choices of tikka, curries, and freshly baked on-the-spot naans; and also the sate selection including sate padang, sate kambing, and sate maranggi or beef satay;


While waiting, a wandering duo of singer-saxophonist and guitarist serenaded us with old classic tunes, and our appetite grew as the fragrant grilling aroma filled the air as the grill masters starts to prepare the guests’ food not far from the al fresco dining area.


Not long after, our food arrived in a cast-iron plate, seafood in one, and the grilled meat in another. Served with them are little plates of hollandaise sauce, sambal matah (Balinese style raw sambal), caramelized onion, and a fragrant sambal kuning. We love the opportunity to try these different kinds of flavours to seafood and meat, which have been perfectly cooked with a nice char and grill marks. The seafood was succulent and the beef tenderloin and lamb chops were perfectly cooked to our request. For the side dish, we tried some of the grilled vegetables that were provided on the buffet side, alongside baked potato, corn and the fragrant butter rice; all could even be enjoyed on its own.

Done with our main course, we roamed to the dessert area, where we found blueberry , cherry, and apple pies, mini Crème brûlée, strawberry pavlova, homemade ice cream, and a crepe station. I found the Crème brûlée exceptionally delicious and the crepe perfectly sweetened with freshly made orange sauce. If you’re lucky, you can even catch one of the more exotic ice cream flavors like kecombrang or also known as the Torch Ginger , a very unique tasting flower which is commonly used as one of the main ingredients of the aforementioned sambal matah and a lot of Indonesian cooking.

You can enjoy the Weekend Barbecue at The Dharmawangsa’s Jakarta restaurant every Friday and Saturday evening starting at 18.00 to 22.00 at night.

For more information and reservation, call (62-21) 725 8181 or email at [email protected]

Jl. Brawijaya Raya No. 26, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160, Indonesia

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