French Cooking Class at IFI Thamrin Starts in 2018

Great news for those who love to learn and explore French cuisine! In collaboration with Modena and Le Monde au Balcon, Institut Francais Indonesia (IFI) is holding a cooking class, specializing in French culinary starting from 3rd January 2018!

ifi cooking class 3The French cooking class is guided by Chef Nabil Jaghdour and takes place every Wednesday and Saturday with a choice of two sessions between 10.30 – 13.00 and 16.30 – 19.00 local time. On every session, participants will learn 2 new recipes; appetizer and main course, or main course and dessert, followed by a tasting session. The course is divided into two classes; for adults and kids.

ifi cooking class 1IFI Director, Marc Piton said, “France Gastronomy is a pride, as well as the essence of French’s tradition and cultural wealth. Through this course, participants can master various French culinary cooking techniques, as well as learning more about French gastronomy, which since 2010 has been listed as UNESCO world heritage.”

ifi cooking class 2In every course session, participants will get an onhand experience about French culinary and gastronomy tradition as a unique French ritual where specific rules apply. For example, a dining starts from aperitif, appetizer, and followed by fish or meat with vegetables, and then cheese and dessert. Table decoration and body language such as smelling and tasting the food that is served is the complement of the ritual.

Let’s learn the French culinary, only at IFI Thamrin from 3rd January 2018! For more info about registration, class schedule, and menu, visit

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