Free Plastic Bag Returns to Jakarta Grocery Stores & Other Updates

Dear Jakartans!

The Indonesian Retail Merchants Association, or Aprindo, has decided to make plastic bags available for free again, effective last Friday, after only applying it for less than a year. The government’s call to reduce waste implemented with a ministry circular requiring retailers to charge Rp 200 per plastic bag, during a trial period. However, no regulation has been issued and Aprindo claims the absence of one has given various parties, especially in the regions, the chance to intervene and complain to retailers over the fee, The Jakarta Post reports.

We think that this is a step back to the efforts of reducing plastic waste, and hope that Jakarta people are still inclined to bring their own bag when grocery shopping. Let us know what you think about this in the comments!

The heavy rain that showered Jakarta Yesterday afternoon has caused massive flooding in South Jakarta including Kemang, Mampang, Blok M, and TB Simatupang area, causing major traffic to its immediate areas.

Last week, a video went viral showing a huge LED billboard at a major intersection in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, displaying a Japanese pornographic film for about 5 minutes, until the screen was shut down manually. The Jakarta Police has apprehended the alleged hacker; an IT specialist who claimed that he did it for fun, and who is now still under investigation.

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  1. You’re absolutely right that giving plastic bags for free is a mistake! What many don’t realize is that the bags clog the drains increasing flooding. They should be abandoned altogether, which has been adopted successfully in many places. A step backwards!

  2. Will

    Well done, aprindo! This will ensure that Indonesia’s beaches continue to be strewn with plastic bags and rings. Of course, we tourists like a little seediness on Kuta Beach when we take a swim. We also enjoy sea turtles suffocating from plastic bags and rings. Sea turtles eat a lot of fish so , aprindo, you are putting money back in their pockets as well! As a fervent Donald Trump supporter back here in the U.S., I applaud your disregard for the environment. Of course there are too many trees in Indonesia and we need more palm oil plantations for the fine supermarkets that help to fund aprindo.

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