France’s Presidential Visit to Indonesia, Upcoming ‘313’ Protests, Japan to Work on Jakarta – Surabaya Fast Rail

Dear Jakartans!

Today, French President François Holland is visiting Indonesia to sign various agreements to further strengthen strategic partnerships and bilateral relations, focusing on maritime affairs and the creative economy. This is the first visit by a French head of state to Indonesia since that of President François Mitterrand in 1986, The Jakarta Globe reports.

After two previous protests, one in November and another in December last year, dubbed as the ‘411’ and ‘212’ rallies, it seems that the anti-Ahok crowd has not backed out yet with the protests. It is reported that there will be another similar march to be held this Friday, March 31st or the ‘313’ by the FUI (Muslims Forum) from the Istiqlal Mosque to the National Palace, reports. We predict that this protest will not be quite as big as the previous ones, but its best to adjust your traffic routes if you’d planned to go through the mentioned areas.

The Indonesian government has selected Japan as its partner in the revitalization of the railway connecting Jakarta and Surabaya, which aims to increase the speed of the rail connecting the two cities, from around 90 kilometers per hour to 160 kilometers per hour. The preliminary feasibility study for the project was slated to start in May and the construction is expected to finish in the fourth quarter of 2019. We can’t wait for this to happen as so that we can get to our favorite spots in Surabaya faster!

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