Food Review: Bruschetta Italian Restaurant’s Comforting Meals

When we talk about Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, the first thing that comes in mind, other than its status as one of Jakarta’s largest and most legendary hotels, would be its equally as infamous Sop Buntut or oxtail soup from its Bogor Cafe that many would claim as the best ever.

But did you know that Borobudur’s culinary gem, doesn’t just stop with the oxtail soup? In addition to Bogor Cafe, did you know that Hotel Borobudur has 6, yes, SIX other dining venues to choose from? Surronded with pathways and big open gardens, I always think that the hotel feels like it is a little world of its own in the middle of Jakarta. One restaurant that we recently revisits is the one that seems to be pretty low key but you’ll find out, is anything but.

To reach this restaurant in the hotel’s 3rd floor, you can either take the provided escalator or take a more dramatic approach by entering in from the second floor through it’s grand stair case with a medieval style chandelier and a bright yellow wall adorned with multi-canvas abstract painting. This spot already tops the list as my favorit spot in the hotel!

bruschetta review_ambiance2

bruschetta review_ambiance3

In the restaurant’s lobby, you will notice this seemingly ‘serious’ restaurant has a colorful tile work on the ground that yells Italian to whoever that enters. Beyond that point, the restaurant sports a classic look; a feel of a that oldie yet goodie Italian restaurant that you go to with your folks every birthday. Where you know the food, is always as good as you first try it. But is it the case here?

For the food, Bruschetta recently had a major haul to their menu, adding some new items that I was pretty excited to sample. For starters, I wanted to try something light yet that incorporates more than a bunch of green lettuce: the insalata piemontese (Rp. 168,000) is exactly that. With chunks of buffalo mozzarella, grilled artichokes and eggplants, olives, pork (or beef) salami, tossed with fresh lettuce, arugula, and herb dressing, might be good for a meal for one.

salad_at_bruschetta_hotel_borobudur_italian restaurant

I personally think that the true ambassador to an Italian restaurant is its pizza; So for starters, in addition to the restaurant’s complimentary focaccia bread basket, I tried the Pizza con Pollo Arosto (roasted chicken) and mushroom (Rp. 108,000). The pizza is just lightly charred around its crispy edges, yet incredibly chewy in the middle, a sign of a very well-made pizza dough.focaccia bread basket_bruschetta_hotel_borobudur_italian restaurant

PIZZA_at_bruschetta_hotel_borobudur_italian restaurant_JAKARTA2A Mediterranean touch to the new menu was apparent with the chefs recommendation of lamb shank with herb sauce (Rp. 208,000). Truth be told, this is the most succulent lamb shank I’ve had, and if the shape of the shank was not obvious, I would think this was beef as there’s no trace of game-y aroma. The lamb shank was served with a rustic and flavorful slow-cooked tomato sauce cooked with fresh herbs like rosemary, bay leaves, basil and parsley. A simple and hearty dish that is now included in my long list of comfort food.

lamb shank_at_bruschetta_hotel_borobudur_italian restaurant

But equally as decadent and comforting is the ridiculously creamy Risotto with porcini mushroom and taleggio cheese, a semi-soft Italian cheese with a mild aroma, and drizzled with truffle oil (148,000). If you’re a fan of strong mushroom and cheese, it is hard to hold back with this dish. guaranteed.

risotto_at_bruschetta_hotel_borobudur_italian restaurant_JAKARTA

As an ode to the classic south Italian fares, and to celebrate the fact that Indonesia is abundant with great fresh seafood option, Bruschetta has quite the selection of seafood items. I tried the simple grilled tiger prawns, marinated with garlic and chili (Rp. 268,000).

grilled_shrimp_at_bruschetta_hotel_borobudur_italian restaurant_JAKARTA2

To be frank, I wasn’t really expecting much when I first sets in to Bruschetta. With the many new ‘fancy’ restaurants in Jakarta, it takes a whole lot for more established, to not say ‘old’, restaurants to keep up. But I am very much impressed in how rustic and home-y yet polished the tastes of Bruschetta are. As the name implies, it does not seek to wow with glitz and glam, but to take you to the back alley of a small Italian town and have dinner in the kitchen of a nonna, and enjoy the true Italian cooking, The good kind!

Hours of Operation: Open Daily
Lunch 11:30 am – 02:30 pm
Dinner 06:30 am – 10:30 pm

Bruschetta Italian Restaurant
Hotel Borobudur Jakarta,  Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan, Jakarta Pusat.
Telephone: 021-3805555 ext 73300.


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