First Look: Ling Ling Dim Sum & Tea House

Do you know that after a huge transformation, Ling Ling Dim Sum & Tea House is now located in the vibrant street of Cikajang? Just after a week, we got a chance to visit the new space last Wednesday, and dare we said she looks much younger and lighter!

Ling Ling-3
Ling Ling Dim Sum & Tea House

The new eating space is contemporary in design, combining the unfinished wall looks with some pastel colors. It is open from front to the end and filled with sunlight during the day, creating a great lively atmosphere. Despite looking quite western, some oriental knickknacks bring out the true character of Ling Ling we familiar with.

The place offers dim sum selections in a separated menu. It features some classic dishes such as prawn cheung fan, chicken feet, chicken & prawn shiu mai, and chicken dumpling. However, they also have some modern versions, such as salted egg custard bun and lemon tarragon crab dumpling.

Dim Sum at Ling Ling
Dim Sum at Ling Ling

The main course selection is also a mix of the classic and the new. You can find the hearth warming wonton soup, and at the same time find crunchy corn with salted egg sauce. Not all of them sound so Chinese, but they do have some Asian influence in taste and presentation. The portions are great for sharing with friends or family.

Ling Ling Jakarta

At Ling Ling, you don’t have to drink hot Chinese tea to accompany your food. In fact, we would recommend choosing one of the mocktail selection. They are colorful and fresh, and great during hot days. It only seems appropriate to break the rules entirely, so you may also order some cocktails here.

Green Tea Mocktail - Ling Ling
Green Tea Mocktail

The usual experience of dining at a Chinese restaurant is being translated by Ling Ling into a language that matches the era. It is executed very well that the younger generation will love it, while the rest can discover a new enjoyment.

Get yourself a taste of the new Ling Ling to really know what is it really all about!

Ling Ling

Dim Sum & Tea House
Jl. Cikajang No. 72, Jakarta Selatan

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