Feasting Farmhouse-style Meals at B’steak Grill & Pancake

It is definitely not hard to find any kind of western food in Jakarta; a melting pot for many cultural backgrounds, there’s also an abundant choice of food option from all over the world. But when it comes to a rustic American western cooking, it can sometimes be a hit or miss. One of my favourite if I want a hearty portion of steak or towering pancakes is B’Steak.


Located in three locations: Green Ville, Muara Karang, and my favourite, Gading Serpong for its spacious two floor building and play area for kids of all ages. The number of large families with kids that flock the restaurant in a weekend seems to agree with this too. B’steak is definitely a place where the parents and grandparents can chill and enjoy the good food while casually watching the kids busying themselves with the playground and drawing area, both for kids and toddlers.


From the grill, B’steak offers premium meat selection from Australian Wagyu, Australian Prime Steer Beef, and certified USA Black Angus Beef, with most under the IDR 200k mark. A real bargain! Other than slabs of meat, they also have premium sausages such as the Giant Cheese Bockwurst sausages, Grilled Chicken Thuringer, and other chicken dishes, and our favourite is the melt-in your mouth Swiss Mushroom Chicken.


As with most western restaurant, B’steak also offers pasta selection. Must try is the Spicy Salmon Marinara, which level of spiciness ranges from 0 to 15. We dare you to try the 15! For those who thinks that meal without rice is not a meal, don’t worry, B’steak has quite the selection of Asian food perfect to be enjoyed with a bowl of fluffy white rice.  Don’t forget also the selection of burgers and sandwiches fit for the most ravenous tummy.


One unique feat of B’steak is their introduction of the ‘rosti’ line; rosti is a dish originally from Switzerland that consists of mainly grated potatoes, that have been pan fried into a large round patties, and topped with various toppings. In B’steak, you get to choose salmon, sausage, mushroom, ham and cheese, grilled chicken, omelette and cheese toppings.

Last but not least, as its name implies, B’Steak is a serious expert in pancakes with 15 types of mouthwatering pancakes such as the Banana Rumba pancake, Nutella Oreo pancake, Ovomaltine, Strawberry Cheesecake pancake, Ultimate Black Forest pancake. Definitely a sweet tooth galore!


Every weekend from 8 to 11 am B’steak also holds a weekend only brunch special with different yet just as scrumptious menu items. You can read about the menu selection here.

What are you waiting for? Head to one of the three B’steak outlets below:

Greenville AS No. 32, Jakarta Barat | Phone: +62 21 560 39 68
Ruko Golden 8 blok F No 3, Jln Ki Hajar Dewantara-Gading serpong | Phone: +62 21 294 190 75
Muara Karang Raya No.42, Pluit Penjaringan | Phone : +62 21 660 30 45

Email : [email protected]
Instagram: Bsteak_grill
Twitter: Bsteak_grill

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