FAT SHOGUN: The First Nikkei Experience in Jakarta

What is Nikkei? This first question underlined our experience through Fat Shogun, the new resident at BTPN building in Mega Kuningan.

Fat Shogun - interior outsideThe word Nikkei was used for the first time in the 19th century to describe Japanese emigrants, including mixed racial descendants who created their own community in many different countries. Now, Nikkei barred various meanings, but mostly known for its unique cuisine that was born in Peru.

The influence the Japanese emigrants bring to Peru is so big that now Nikkei food is automatically identified as Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine. What makes it so sought after is the fact that it offers healthy menus with significant and unique local ingredients.

Fat Shogun - outdoor areaBack to Fat Shogun, we were served with two starters, a salad, a main course, and two drinks. The servings are so generous; you can share one dishes with two or three people. We sit next to the window, while surrounded by elegant interior design dominated by white and black, and a warm accent from the woods. The restaurant is located on the rooftop floor and has an amazing outdoor area where you can enjoy the busy city view.

Fat Shogun-CheviceAs you may guess, Chevice is one of the menus served on our table. This signature dish from Peru is made from raw seafood and balanced with lime juice, onion, and jalapeno pepper. To add more texture, it is also served with cracker chips. Between spicy, sour, and onion distinct flavor, the small pieces of raw fish become the true winner. Its freshness at the right temperature is just perfect to start our Nikkei culinary journey.

Fat Shogun-TeradiciAnother starter is Sea Bass Tiradito. Similar to the dish before, it has raw fish, cut in sashimi style, with spicy red pepper tiradito sauce, and topped with coriander leaves. The combination of cooking styles really mirrors what Nikkei food really is. The sauce is made with ginger and dash of soju, creating a clean yet memorable taste.

Fat Shogun-crab saladCrab Salad is next. It can easily slip into main dish category for people with a small appetite. Stacked over each other are crabs, seaweeds, crispy salmon skins, and some greens. All of them blends with buttery sesame dressing.

For the main dish, we were served with Polo A La Brassa (Half), a Peruvian roast chicken served with homemade white baked beans, green sauce, and fries. There are no rules savoring this dish. Choose from the white baked beans sauce or green minty sauce, or dip in both to create unique flavors for your chicken. But seriously, don’t miss the white baked beans, made of traditional Peruvian beans cultivated here in Indonesia.

By this time we were wondering who is the mastermind behind all these delicious, well-prepared dishes. Apparently, the head chef, which looks quite busy behind the open kitchen, has worked internationally and even once became Lenny Kravitz’s personal chef!

Fat Shogun - Red ShogunNow let’s move on to the signature drinks from the restaurant, Red Shogun. This pink drink is made of soursop sorbet, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup, and house soda. Simply, it’s sweet and refreshing.

Fat Shogun-SakeThe next drink is not even on the menu! To acquire this secret drink, ask for Shogun Sake to the friendly waitress. They will bring out a homemade sake from the stash. It served with lemon slices and two small glass cups, as well as a bucket of ice to keep your drink cold. At the first sip, we can taste both the smoothness and complexity, but what makes us truly amazed is the strong floral fragrance hides carefully inside the drink. We realized this specific taste is not something you can get outside the Fat Shogun, an experience truly attached to the dining place.

Fat Shogun - outdoorExperiencing Nikkei from the first time, it is surprisingly not as demanding as we thought. There is no custom to follow, any specific way to eat, or any baffling ingredients on our plates. In fact, it is quite relaxing, fun, and definitely delicious. Here we can appreciate the history of Nikkei, and by means thankful for it. It has become a memorable journey that we would like to revisit again and again in the future.



Menara BTPN – Retail Tower, Rooftop Level
CBD Mega Kuningan
+62 21 22958196


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