Farnese Wine Dinner at Fat Shogun

Last Wednesday, guests were invited to enjoy an evening of food and stylish refined Farnese Wine at Fat Shogun. The elegant Italian wine is paired with five course Nikkei cuisine and accompanied by live music to create a memorable experience;

Fantini Gran Cuvee Bianco Swarovski with Seared Scallop Olive Tapanada and Lemon Dressing,

Fantini Pinot Grigio Terre Degli Osci IGP with Mushroom Shitake Parmesan Chips,

Pipolo Rosato Basilicata IGT with Grilled Dindaya and Foei Grass with Black Truffle Sauce,

Zolla Pimitivo Merlot Puglia IGP with Beef Ravioli with Aioli Bluee Cheese,

Edizione Cinque Autoctoni VDT with Surf and Turf Tenderloin and Prawn,

and Yucamochi Dessert with tea or coffee.

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