Before we gear up for the year-end festivities, let’s wrap up our prayers and give thanks for this year’s Thanksgiving (all the promos you love and want, can be found on our website, just type “Thanksgiving” on the search box) yes, you’re welcome!

Let’s forget the political happenings of the country, and check out other news where we’ve been hearing bad reaction from people who have been taking the national scholarship fund program interviews, where applicants are asked questions that are racially motivated which has nothing to do with academics approach whatsoever. There are over 50 people who have admitted being ask racially motivated questions by the interviewers during the selection program that will decide whether they get the international scholarship grant or not. Is this some kind of filtering method of who’s who get to study abroad with grants from the government? Big brother is watching.

In spirit with the progress of Indonesia Tourism, in addition to introducing “10 New Bali’s”, the government through Creative Board Agency (Bekraf) will be reassessing policies and the ease of shooting foreign films in Indonesia. The government realized the potential of our traditional architecture and beautiful landscapes as key pivotal point for Hollywood films or even European films to start considering Indonesia as an investment where the country is open both for shooting and other creative investments. Let’s hope the smoke clears soon as we’ve been hearing news that many foreign filmmakers have repeatedly shown interests in directing their movie with Indonesia as the background, but has been tackled by old school bureaucracy.

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