Fa8ulous Anniversary G.H Universal Hotel Bandung

G.H. Universal Hotel was founded in Bandung on May 16, 2008 as a five-star hotel with Renaissance-style architecture. G.H. Universal has always been committed to provide the best quality service to its guests in an effort to support tourism industry of Bandung City.

As the implementation of GH Soul, namely #SINCERE (Smile – Informative – neatness – Creative – Empathy – Respect – Effective & Efficient), in implementing the “respect”, G.H. Universal Hotel focuses on environmentally friendly concepts, one of which can be seen from the formation of the Green Team in the early of 2016.

In order to celebrate the 8th birthday on May 16, 2016, G.H. Universal Hotel wants to share happiness with the staff and local residents through a series of events ranging from Media Fa8ulous Day (Media Gathering) on May 2, 2016; blood donation on May 9, 2016; Mass circumcision on May 15, 2016; Staff Party & Serving Day on May 16, 2016; and special GO GREEN action on May 20, 2016.

For blood donation along PMI Bandung has held on May 9, 2016 starting at 14:00 pm in G.H Universal Hotel with a target of 100 participants, both from the staff and residents around.

Circumcision was held as an appreciation of management which is intended for the families of the hotel staff. G.H. Universal hotel will also take special Go GREEN action, once graced the National Awakening Day (Hari Kebangkitan Nasional).



In addition, there will be Special Serving Day, the General Manager and the entire Manager will specifically serve employees at lunch hour. So, do not miss the fun “Fa8ulous Anniversary G.H. Universal Hotel “during May 2016!

About G.H. Universal Hotel Bandung

As a five-star hotel located in the northern city of Bandung, G.H. Universal Hotel brings European style, luxury and comfort amidst the natural beauty of Bandung with Renaissance-style architecture.

Not only the shape of the building, the nuances of European nobility penetrate deep into the building. There are 105 rooms the feel of luxury and style of the rooms offer views of the beautiful European high class resident. Most of the rooms have views of the city of Bandung and mountains, partly overlooking the pool Courtyard of The Royale.

G.H. Universal Hotel provides various types of rooms, ranging from Superior Rooms, Deluxe King, Deluxe Double Queen, Princess Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Governor Suite, Queen Suite, King Suite, and Presidential Suite. There are also 9 meeting rooms to meet your business needs. In addition G.H. Universal also provides Fat Dragon Chinese Restaurant and Belle Vue 24 Hours that presents a panoramic view of the city of Bandung with 360 degrees.

Visit us on www.ghuniversal.com

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