Exploring Indonesia’s Chocolate With BAM! Tapas

BAM! Tapas Jakarta, in conjunction with Indonesia’s leading bean to bar chocolate maker, Pipiltin Cocoa recently held ‘Chocolate Discoveries’ an insightful and definitely tasty experiment. Chef Arturo Godo showed his ability in preparing the most authentic yet modern rendition of Spanish Tapas using Pipiltin’s artisanal chocolate derived from all over Indonesia.


Before sampling the creations, Pipiltin Cocoa’s co-founder, Tissa Aunilla gave the guests a short insight to the wonders of Indonesian chocolate through a blind tasting to identify Pipiltin’s pure chocolate bars including Tabanan (Bali), Glenmore (Banyuwangi), Aceh, and Flores.


After the blind tasting, Chef Arturo Godo performed and explained to the guests a delicate process of preparing the ‘chocolate’ dish; the first one is Beef Tongue, Salad, Fig, sprinkled with walnuts and Pipiltin Cocoa’s Flores Cocoa Nibs. The chocolate presence in the dish is very minimal, but still distinguishable which complements nicely with Chef Arturo’s incredibly succulent slow-cooked and lightly seared beef tongue. For the second plate, Chef Arturo served BAM!’s signature Pear and Yuzu chocolate dessert  chocolate. A decadent yet refreshing combination of Pipiltin’s Tabanan Bali dark chocolate bar and yuzu pear puree and liquor.

BAM! and Pipiltin definitely gave a tasty and insightful way to learn about the rich and untapped wonders of Indonesian chocolate.

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