Eastern Opulence: Luxury Dining Experience

Standing tall in the prestigious neighborhood at Jalan Wijaya, Eastern Opulence can be easily spotted. The brand new white building reminds us of the colonial architecture in the past, yet it serves authentic Indonesian cuisine that originated from various ethnicity and regions. However, despite all the contrasting aspects, it combines everything in a beautifully packaged luxury dining experience.

eastern opulence

eastern opulence 2The interior is as grand as you would have expected; high ceiling, huge pillars, marble floor, fascinating paintings, and historical decoration. The owner of the place designed it with the utmost respect for the beauty and complexity of the colonial architecture. Dominated by white color and plenty of natural light, the area feels luxurious, and by all means absolutely instagramable.

DSC_0042-2On the second floor, there are four VIP private rooms, noticeable by the colors of precious gems; sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and emerald. The elegant rooms can accommodate any event needing an extra touch of splendor.

eastern opulence lv 3The top floor is designated for a relaxing evening; a room that resembled a glass house, with a fantastic outdoor area just a step away. There is also a bar that will serve you a full list of both classic drinks and unique cocktails. It is easy to imagine a sophisticated party set in the area, even for an intimate wedding or an engagement party.

eastern opulence foodKeep improving themselves in the last three months, the kitchen team has come up with an impressive menu of Indonesian cuisine. One of their signature dish is Bebek Asap Raden Wijaya; half of a duck cooked in cendana-wood smoke for 6 hours on lava stones. It served together with three kinds of chili and Indonesian favorite shrimp crackers.


DSC_0059-2Some menu also influenced by the Eastern culinary, such as Udang Singapore, crispy fried prawns stir fried oat-meal & lime leaf, and Kailan Langit & Bumi with fried and boiled kailan. The refinement on every dish is both satisfying and comforting, turning the everyday experience into a memorable one.

Bring your friends and family when visiting the restaurant, as Eastern Opulence strongly advises to share the joy and the complexity of the meals with your loved ones.

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