The Gunawarman

Life is A Grand Affair

The Gunawarman is surely going to be the most talked about boutique hotel in town. Starting the buzz with its restaurant, Sofia at The Gunawarman that opened earlier this year, the hotel is now open to the public, offering 32 beautiful rooms in three different characteristics.



The White Room serves as a chic and private oasis, with cornice detailing and striking bay windows overlooking the city view, surrounded by simplicity and serene. The Wood Room with its refined ambiance through the entire wood paneling is a reminiscence of cultured luxury, while The Mansard Room with its sloping roof oozes an intimate nuance.

Other than the restaurant mentioned above, The Gunawarman also offers other unique outlets including Kitte, a boulangerie & pattisserie that blends the art o French baking and nouveau Japanese panache, Csaba business lounge, special for members and guests only, &Sons, a gentlemen grooming parlor, and SMN (Santa Maria Novella) one of the world’s oldest pharmacies that specializes in bath culture.

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  1. on of the best Small Luxury Hotel in Jakarta

    I love the hotel and the concept! Let me recommend you to stay here when you are in Jakarta.

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