The Goods Dept

THE GOODS CAFÉ• is a casual eatery attached to THE GOODS DEPT•. Chef Erlene Susanto set out to bring the relaxed vibe of the American west coast to their tables. She has created an eclectic menu inspired by California’s melting-pot-style comfort food, with influences from Western, Asian and Mexican staples. THE GOODS CAFÉ’s • are offering a spot to hangout and relax while shopping and a place where you can have good comfort food with fresh, local ingredients. THE GOODS DEPT• is a curated department store based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Developed by the founders of Brightspot Market, this multidimensional retail environment quickly became the hub for alternative fashion and lifestyle products from young, independent Indonesian designers and a selection of international brands. THE GOODS DEPT• prioritizes high quality local brands and serves as a platform for these brands to grow.

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