Regata Hotel Bandung

One of the finest 4-star hotels in town with a classic concept design infused with a modern allure. Conveying a warm, comfortable and almost residential feel. Place in a prime location surrounded with shopping, entertainment, and culinary sites, ideal for both short stay vacation trip and a productive business trip.


A place that offers you a quality service that will perfectly burst your pleasant dining experience at ours relaxed indoor and outdoor sets. Our highly professional and expert chefs is dedicated to serve you only the finest example of rich and masterful cuisine craft and flavours on your plate from all around the globe during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The Palazzo is not just an ordinary “Hotel Lounge”, it was an extraordinary lounge for extraordinary people, created with rich personal and professional touches. Provide a relaxing atmosphere suitable for many occasion to do with your very important business and friend. This lounge in an excellent choice.


Another unique spot in town to discover the panoramic city view and landscape. The sky was spotted at an award winning rooftop overlooking of his beautiful city. The decoration, seating arrangement , menu, pricing and beverage program are all reflective of the goal to create a cozy and chic gathering place for the community. The Unique structure of the menu allows our guest to customise their experience during each visit. Reservation can be made for the group up to 200 pax.


Karaoke with the stylish private rooms, excellent sound system in each private karaoke room. Latest hits song selections we will make you to have a golden voice. Discrening and professional staff will serve you. leave the music to us, and we’ll leave the fun to you. (Opening Soon)

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