Javana Spa at The mountain-Salak

Javana Spa – Uniquely Indonesian Spa… the first class programs of alternating vigorous exercise and relaxing spa treatments are delivered with a unique Indonesian flair. This Indonesian custom makes you feel instantly at home and yet far away; wrapped in the exotic cultures of Java. A Healing Setting… The mountain-Salak, has been known for centuries as a source of healing energy and renewal. Beautiful Japanese gardens surround the spa buildings, creating an atmosphere of serenity to soothe weary guests. Water flows throughout the grounds in series of a quiet streams reflective ponds. Eco-adventures or Pampering? it’s your choice… Javana Spa offers the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing luxury or adventure. Guest can hike in rainforests, have a pampering message and unwind in a yoga class – all in one day. Delicious three meal a day gourmet cuisine complements the fitness/treatment program and is customized to help guests control weight, as they wish. Accommodation Our thirty simple but elegant bungalows are nestled within a serene Japanese garden setting to create few distractions and allow guests to relax in the clear, moist mountain air. The rooms create a meditative Zen feeling. Each room accommodates two guests with spacious king size beds; single accommodations may be requested as well. The private bathroom with tub and shower has an endless supply of our own fragrant natural herbal soaps and lotions. Daily maid and laundry service ensures that your stay is free from mundane distractions. Contact with the outside world is lessened – there are no phones out or in except for a radio phone for emergency. Similarly there are no distractions of television or radio in your room. CUISINE Our gourmet cuisine provides delicious natural low fat menus with essential nutrients to create a healthy sense of energy and vitality. All of the vegetables and herbs used to create these mouth-watering dishes are organically grown from our garden on the grounds and have been chosen for their cleansing properties to detoxify your body. A well-balanced Javana Spa diet, combined with exercise and massage, results in a new you. Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.00 am – 05.00 pm Closed on Sunday & Saturday

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