Escalade Dental Care Specialist

Escalade Dental Care Specialist The existence of Escalade Dental Care Specialist is to meet the dental and oral needs of patients (prevention, care, and treatment) with a more personalized and pleasant service. Our general dentists and specialist work as a team with a trusted standard operating procedure, safe and sterile equipment. We are committed to make the interests of patients as a priority. In order to meet the personal needs of our patients, we will treat the patient as a partner, where we will provide a special time for explanations, questions and discussion in deciding the best option for their dental care based on the needs of each individual patient. Location: Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan kav 6.2, Gedung Menara Prima lantai 2 unit M-N, South Jakarta. Phone: +62 21-57947792, +62 21-57947793

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