Divine Platinum Slimming Center & Skin Care

Divine Platinum Slimming & Skin Care Center is a center of beauty skin care that combines the latest technology in skin care and skilled professionals who are ready to help you realize the dream of a healthy and well groomed skin. Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial: facial treatments using medical oxygen as a delivery mechanism for active ingredients to the skin. The treatment is performed almost equally with a facial in general. Breathing pure oxygen instead will make your mind fresh and calm, as well as your face. Guarsa Facial: facial skin care methods from China can provide many benefits for your skin, which increases blood circulation, encourage cell renewal, restore freshness and skin, making the skin more radiant, healthy, and bright. Facial Detox: able to relieve stress on the skin, removing dead skin cells making skin look brighter. Detox can also help smooth facial Telp: (021) 546-9588 / (021) 961-961-60 Location: Graha Financial Blok BA 2/48 Gading Serpong – tangerang

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