Dia Lo Gue

Dia.lo.gue is a public artspace that aims to foster dialogue or conversation between people, the arts and design. This ethos is reflected in their name, translated in local Betawi language as ‘He/She – You – Me’, and in their logogram, which can be interpreted as individuals of many different characters, ages and personalities. The intention is to inclusively embrace the community to create real dialogue between artists and designers and the general public. Indeed, a gallery cannot succeed without such support and interaction of these elements. Variety of merchandises by home-grown talents are displayed for sale at Dia.lo.gue shop. Some products are limited and uniquely designed which are not easily found elsewhere, collectible stationary, merchandises, workspace products, home accessories, artworks, toys and many more. dia.lo.gue has finally opened its light and airy cafe/restaurant at the rear of their gallery, and their small shop at the front sells a limited but gorgeous range of unique and funky wares from local artists and designers.

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