3 Second Bar

3 SECOND BAR it’s a “cook your own” way of dining, it does not mean that putting everything into the boiling soup will do. Here, you can learn a unique way of enjoying this modern shabu shabu dining developed by Healthy Shabu Shabu Restaurant. By knowing which comes first – the vegetables or the meat – and how long each should be cooked, you are well on your way to perfecting the art of shabu shabu.

Three Seconds Bar is a Healthy Shabu Shabu restaurant use the freshest and finest ingredients that ensure high nutritional value for its customers. And since people cook their own food, they can eat meals that complement their diets and tastes and at the same time, feel secure of the cleanliness of what they are eating. Healthy Shabu Shabu Restaurant also constantly up-grade its menu to delight the customers who love shabu shabu menu to adapt to the palate of Indonesian.

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