Date-Lightful Kurma Smoothies & Kur-Mazing Bowl at Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice, genuine juice shop from California is welcoming the Ramadan month with newest beverages with the theme “Real Kurma, Real Taste.” As you can guess, the new selections are full of kurma deliciousness and healthy benefits!

Jamba Juice_1Introducing Date-Lightful Kurma Smoothie and Kur-mazing Bowl. Both are really refreshing and hold many benefit for the health. Some benefits from the kurma fruits are maintaining bone structure strength, resolve constipation, and improve the digestive process and maintaining the health of the heart.

Kur-mazing Bowl, a portion of kurma, almonds milk, fresh milk, mango, banana, granola and honey that is very healthy. The fresh ingredients then combined in the cold dish which also provides a taste of chunky, creamy, sweet and sour.

Jamba Juice_3Date-Lightful Kurma Smoothie uses ingredients such as kurma, greek yogurt and honeydew to create a balanced taste. Added with almonds milk and fresh milk make this drink also has a creamy taste.

Adding more to the benefit of kurma, the two new menus are sources of fivers and good vitamin C, which also provides the benefits of natural energy booster for the body. Definitely a must try during this Ramadan month.

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