Taking Down Cut The Crab’s ‘Giga Godzilla’ Crab

Seafood lovers have always been pampered by the selection of seafood restaurants in Jakarta. From street side vendors to fine dining restaurants that fly oysters and lobsters from freezing waters of far flung countries, it is a matter of how much your appetite (and LDL level) can handle.

If you have an appetite for crabs in particular, Cut The Crab surely gets a mention in anyone’s list. In our list, the restaurant tops the list not only for the quality and freshness of the food, but also for its commitment to Indonesia seafood sustainability; not only do they only serve seafood from Indonesia, including live Indonesian Mud Crab delivered through Air flight Cargo from Sulawesi and Papua, they also adheres to the Indonesian Fishery Ministry’s regulation of limiting the consumption of eggs-carrying female crabs that are indeed tasty, but crucial for the breeding process. cut the crab_cikajang_5

Cut the Crab’s brings crabs ranging from 300 grams a piece to 3 Kilos per crab with price starting as low as Rp. 180,000 upwards to Rp. 1,4 million for the largest, aptly called ‘Giga Godzilla’. The restaurant’s owner/chef, Teddy Yulianto, claims that his restaurant is the only restaurant in town that serves 1 kg crabs, which are actually hard to find throughout Indonesia.

For this reason too, Cut The Crab sponsors their own crab fishermen with the proper equipment to find and catch crabs that are 1 kilos and above. “Crabs this size takes over 2 years, compared to just a couple of months for the smaller ones, hence the price tags.” Teddy adds.

After you’ve decided on which crab you can devour in one sitting, the servers will then show the crab, which is then killed, cut and cleaned in the front of the restaurant to demonstrate its freshness. Interestingly, killing crab this way is the most human way, compared to boiling them alive.

cut the crab_cikajang_11After cleaned and sectioned, the crabs will be steamed and with that, it is ready to be served with your choice of the 8 sauces that are made fresh daily with no msg added; from original, salty, caramel, lemon twist, sweet & sour, sweet, tasty coconut and cheesy sauce. Due to its freshness and steaming method, the meat to my crab was incredibly sweet, succulent, and bursting with flavors. That’s probably why you want to go easy on the sauce, though.

When I came to try, I tried the most intriguing sauce in the menu: caramel, which is apparently, nothing like the caramel you’re familiar with. There is a slight hint of caramel flavor, but it is pleasantly savory and spicy, if you’d prefer. All sauces at the cut the crab (even the cheesy one) can be made Mild or Extra Spicy, marked ‘XXX’.

cut the crab_cikajang_4

cut the crab_cikajang_10

cut the crab_cikajang_9

cut the crab_cikajang_3

I’d say this gigantic crustacean is a must try for any seafood fanatic. Head to Cut The Crab’s Cikajang branch that sets a great spot for extended seafood parties with your seafood loving friends.

Jl. Cikajang No.32, South Jakarta Phone: (021) 7206810
Jl. boulevard Barat Raya Blok LC-6 No.7, Kelapa Gading Phone: 021-24520305
Rukan Garden House Blok B Nomer 1B, North Jakarta. Phone: 021-290 33519
Jln Batu Ceper Raya No.49A, Gajah Mada, Central Jakarta. Phone: 021- 3501696
Open Daily: Mon-Sun: 10.30am – 11.30pm

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