Cooking While Learning France with IFI Cooking Class

A new cooking class is open at Institut Francais d’Indonesie (IFI) so you can now learn France while learning new delicious recipes! The idea is supported by the best in the industry, Modena and Le Monde au Balcon, to make sure everything is up to good standards.

IFI cooking classLearning France gastronomy is perhaps as important as learning its language. After all France gastronomy has been listed as one of the world heritages by UNESCO in 2010. It is an important part of the country, the essence of their culture. Through this specialized class, IFI invites participants to acknowledge France culture through language and cooking.

image003(1)Chef Nabil Jaghdour will be teaching every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in two sessions at 10.30 – 13.00 and 16.30 – 19.00. Each session will be ended with a fun tasting and a lot of conversations. The class is suitable for everyone, whatever level of skills you have.

IFI cooking class 2This will be a great opportunity for participants to learn on hand about France gastronomy culture as a ritual with many specific steps. For example, a meal should start with aperitif, appetizers, and then continue with fish or meat with vegetables, and ended with cheese and dessert. Table decorations and body language play important roles in these rituals as well.

IFI cooking class 4For more information about this cooking class, visit:

(021) 2355 7951
(021) 2355 7951 (Opick)

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