Coffee Meets Chocolate Presented by The Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta

The Italian Cultural Institute in Jakarta proudly presented the event “Coffee meets Chocolate” that was held, in collaboration with ZiCaffè and Pod Bali Chocolate, on 13th February 2018.

DSC_0691The event was focused on the combination of our two favorite beans, symbolizes the harmony between the two countries and affirms the desire to offer a general knowledge about the Italian coffee and the Indonesian cacao that married together offer a unique and inimitable pleasure.

DSC_0671ZiCaffè was founded in 1929 in Marsala by Vito Zichittella and soon established its “hegemony” in Western Sicily. Over the years the production was relocated to larger premises in order to enter a wider distribution network which first became nationwide, later global. Now ZiCaffè is the Top coffee distributor in south-eastern Asia.

DSC_0689Pod Bali Chocolate, born in 2010 from an idea of Toby Garritt, creates chocolate at source on the tropical island of Bali. Their cacao beans, organic nectar, fruits, nuts and spices support local communities and travel a short distance before being transformed into chocolate. Pod Bali Chocolate soon became synonymous with high quality chocolate, working with many of Bali’s best hotels and resorts and with a special dedication to quality and design.


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