Clean Up Jakarta Day 2017 – Kemang Raya Site Grandkemang Jakarta

grandkemang Jakarta 1grandkemang Jakarta has successfully led Kemang Site at the recent Clean Up Jakarta Day (CUJD) 2017. This year marked the 5th year of grandkemang Jakarta to support and lead the Kemang Raya site, with total volunteers of more than 250 people joining the event within the area. The event was held simultaneously in 72 locations throughout Jakarta with more than 18,000 volunteers on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

This year was a bit different because Lions Club Magnolia, Waste4Change and Greeneration Foundation helped Kemang site in organizing the event. Participants, including several students & teachers from local & international school, neighborhood businesses and several organizations gathered at grandkemang Jakarta’s front parking lot at 6.30am for registration, collect the gloves provided by CUJD team and also prepare themselves by enjoying healthy bites, coffee & tea provided by the hotel and some beverages from Coca Cola as one of the sponsors of CUJD.

grandkemang Jakarta 2The event started with a short briefing and a welcoming speech from the General Manager of grandkemang Jakarta, Mr. Florent Humeau, and also from the President Director of Lions Club Magnolia. With a high enthusiasm and spirit, all participants started to march on their group. They were divided into two groups, one group was taking Taman Kemang area and other group was taking Bangka XI area, and met at Ecology 365 as the mid-point where the truck from Dinas Kebersihan has stood by to pick up the trash.

Together, all the clean up heroes picked up cigarette butts, cans, plastic, bottles, paper, and many other litters using hands protected by gloves. The rubbish was sorted out into two different categories, recyclable and non-recyclable. Participants must put the recyclable items in the tick-marked sacks and non-recyclable items in the sacks with no mark.

grandkemang JakartaJust to remind, CUJD is an annual event that brings together communities and volunteers through gotong royong in the spirit of a cleaner Jakarta. It is initiated by Ms. Angela Richardson, the former Editor in chief of Indonesia Expat, aims to raise awareness about the importance of rubbish recycling to maintain Jakarta’s environmental sustainability. The vision is that every day will be a Clean Up Jakarta Day, as we shape consciousness and citizens’ responsibility for a better Jakarta. Most of the Jakartans didn’t notice that our capital produces 6,700 tons of rubbish each day, and much of it ends up on the streets and in the city’s rivers. By involving the community in a cleanup, we can spread the message that it is everybody’s job to keep this city clean, not just the job of the street sweepers, pemulung, and rubbish men and women. Hopefully, people may understand how detrimental littering can be, and in turn, spark an awareness of the importance of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Together with Indonesia Expat and loyal supporters, we hope this event will become bigger every year, with heightened awareness about Jakarta’s environmental issues and more participants from 18,000 this year to 25,000 next years.  We hope we will continue to make changes every day by separating waste at home/work/school and incorporating the 3Rs into daily lives.

The management of grandkemang Jakarta would like to send a sincere gratitude, appreciation, and recognition to the team and volunteers for making the event a success one. At last, a special thanks to all the supporters below for their great contributions towards the success of the event:

Lions Club Magnolia, PT Chandra Asri, Waste4Change, Greeneration Indonesia, Dinas Kebersihan, Kelurahan Bangka, Kecamatan Mampang, Ecology Jakarta, Coca Cola.

grandkemang Jakarta
Jl. Kemang Raya 2H | Kebayoran Baru | Jakarta 12730 | Indonesia
T. (62-21) 719 4121 | F. (62-21) 719 4131

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