Ciputra Artpreneur Joins The Silk Road International League of Theaters

The Silk Road is an important resource for cultural and art development, shared between countries along the road to promote all-round development of countries and enhancing regional peace and stability. To improve the collaboration, CPAA Theaters under the endorsement of the Ministry of Culture of Chinese established the Silk Road International League of Theaters (SRILT) in 2016. This year, Ciputra Artpreneur joined the league as the first member from Indonesia.

CPPA_Ciputra Artpreneur_1The SRILT is an open and inclusive organization that is more than willing to cooperate in diversifying product types, planning the schedule for future development, and proactively coordinating developing schemes with member units. The league which was initiated by CPAA theaters has attracted 56 international organizations, theaters, and cultural organizations from 21 countries as its members.

CPPA_Ciputra Artpreneur_2

Ciputra Artpreneur, with its international standard facilities, is regarded suitable to join SRILT this year. It shares similar goals with CPPA Theaters, which are introducing arts to the wider public and encouraging the cultural developments.

CPPA_Ciputra Artpreneur_3The cooperation means that there will be more diverse performances, exhibition, and cultural activities from the Silk Road countries at Ciputra Artpreneur. It also opens a new opportunity for artists from each country to learn, grow, and collaborate in the future.

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