Cheong Sam Fashion Show at Pearl Chinese Restaurant

In occasion of welcoming the Chinese New Year, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta presents a Cheong Sam fashion show called “The Trilogy of Chinese Story” by three local designers. Taking place at the brand new Pearl Chinese Restaurant, the event highlights Chinese traditions not only through the fashion show but also dance and delicious cuisine by Executive Chef Ken Choy.

cheong_sam_fashion_show_at_pearlChinese culture is one of the oldest and the biggest in the world, transferred from one generation to another generation, and to one place to another. The rich culture has migrated to all over the world, adopted, and influenced by the local. Cheong Sam itself is a traditional dress that cannot be separated from the culture. Its elegance is suitable for all ages, and there are a lot of variations that can come up from the basic shape.

cheong_sam_fashion_show_at_pearl_restaurantThe Trilogy of Chinese Stories at Pearl Restaurant tells about a collaboration between three characters. A synergy is created between three designers; Anaz, Yoseph Sinudarsono, and Yudhistira. The result is luxurious collections of premium Cheong Sam that are unique and grand.

cheong_sam_fashion_show_at_pearl_jwmarriottThe story is completed by golden accessories by Leciel Designs that highlight floral motifs, as well as the classy pearls and jade stones. The event is also supported by Martinez Cosmetic that provides elegance colors, Makeup artist by Victoria Make Up Atelier, and Printing Material by Goodrich Global.

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