Building and Develop Talent at Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta Junior Club and Housekeeping Class

As a part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, CARE Champion collaborate together with Sahabat Anak Community, Mobile Library from Emmanuel Foundation and associate’s children participated in SPPJ Junior Club and Housekeeping Class.


Held on Saturday 27 February 2016, this event started at 9:00am with storytelling from Emmanuel Foundation as the opening. The other interesting activities during this event were reading the book from the Emmanuel Foundation’s mobile library, origami, coloring and drawing.


At 10:00am, children from Sahabat Anak Community got the chance to join the Housekeeping Class. Sahabat Anak Community is the non-profit organization that provides the free education for marginalized children and street children in Jakarta. Fully supported by our Housekeeping team, this class was started by showing the housekeeping office, their sections, jobs and responsibilities. They also learnt and practiced on how to do the laundry in a hotel, making bed in guest room, creating basic flower arrangement at magnolia Florist and plant grooming at our own garden.


CARE Champion always committed to become one of the media for children to build their interest and develop their talent besides creating a healthy environment.

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