Brooklyn American Cakery Brings Decadent American Classic Cake


Widely known as one of the pioneer of western comfort food in Indonesia, Pancious Group is back with a sweeter and even more mouthwatering concept; Brooklyn American Cakery offers a range of classic large-size American cakes, made from quality ingredients, yet in an affordable price. Their cakes can be ordered online at or through Pancious’ outlets in Jakarta and Serpong.

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As an introduction, Brooklyn American Cakery presents five signature cakes in 6 cm x 6 cm squares and round 16 cm and 24 cm in diameter: Chocolate Marshmallow; soft sponge cake layered with almond, chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting, and toasted marshmallow on top, Brooklyn Salted Caramel Honeycomb; combines delicate vanilla sponge cake and the decadent cream cheese and caramel sauce, layered with the savory macadamia and the crunchy honeycomb, Lemon Meringue; a pretty cake with lemon sponge alternating with lemon curd, white chocolate and candied lemon,  topped with  white meringue, the Carrot Crumble is another classic favorite with rich cream cheese and walnut, while the Banana Palm is a simple yet elegant presentation with layers of banana sponge cake mixed with coconut’s milk and palm sugar, exuding a true tropical flavor.  

All cakes ordered are guaranteed to get to the customer in prime condition, within 2 hours maximum time from the oven, to your doorstep.

Orders can be done in three ways:

Delivery charge is Rp30.000,- per address.

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Twitter : @BrooklynID_

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