BritCham’s Professional Women’s Group Invites L’Oréal Indonesia

On July 25, Britcham Professional Women’s Group brings the expert of ever exciting trends, especially for women, the huge player in the beauty industry all over the world, L’Oréal Indonesia.  Mr. Umesh Phadke, the President Director of PT L’Oréal Indonesia, is invited to share L’Oréal journey in Indonesia and how they manage to sustain their business development in Indonesia.

Umesh shared how L’Oréal is leaving a unique footprint with their products in all accessible market, from luxury malls, department stores, minimarkets, to “warung” and most importantly e-commerce, that on the year 2017 took 8% of the sales. The shift that happened in this digital era also affects how L’Oréal serves their customer. Different platform, different market strategy, change in consumer behavior are some key factors L’Oréal put in mind while cooking their digital marketing. L’Oréal is ready to face the challenge ahead and thrives in that through 4 Leaderships: E-Commerce, Creative, Social and Beauty Tech.

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