New Dining Spot: Gourmet Bar by Novotel

Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square introduces its new modern looking eating place called Gourmet Bar. Transformed from the previous Lounge Bar, now Gourmet Bar has a refreshing open space with comfortable tables and sofas.

Gourmet Bar Novotel_editIt is located strategically as a center point at 5th level, next to an energetic fish pond to elevate your dining experience. Dominantly colored in dark gray and lighted warmly, Gourmet Bar looks relaxing and effortlessly elegant. Not only its appearance, the bar-restaurant also prepared a new menu, including options of new drinks and desserts.

Gourmet Bar Novotel fish pondGuests can explore both eastern and western foods, which many hide a pleasant twist. There are also authentic local pernakan cuisines such as Kwe Tiauw Siram and Penang Curry Rice Noodle. In the western side, there are potato farci, a potato snack with smoked beef and melted cheese, and choices of sandwiches and burgers. Here, the chefs escalate an ordinary menu into gourmet creations.

Gourmet Bar Novotel curryGourmet Bar Novotel Potato FraciThe desserts also look more vibrant and modern, continuing the theme that runs through out the restaurant. Guest will find many glazed cakes with light taste. As for classic heavy cakes, Gourmet Bar will serve them as a special cake of the day.

Gourmet Bar Novotel cakesNovotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square is in a mission to transform their hotel into a modern, artistic, and friendly place for its guests. Beside the newly opened Gourmet Bar, there are also new rooms to enjoy, including the sleek looking meeting rooms and colorful kids play room.

Gourmet Bar Novotel meeting room

Gourmet Bar Novotel kids roomExperience the new Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square here:

Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No.1
Jakarta 14420
+62 (21) 6231 2800

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