Big Success From the Performance of Lúčnica in Erasmus Huis

The performance of Lúčnica – Slovak National Folklore Ballet in Erasmus Huis on Thursday 22 September was really a big success. Program of soloists of dance ensemble and orchestra of Lúčnica presented dances and music from different regions of Slovakia. The performance was enjoyed by some 470 guests.

erasmus-huis_ballet_slovakia_1The Slovak National Folklore Ballet LUCNICA is an awardee of the highest rank at home and abroad, symbolizes the original culture of Slovakia, genuine in its dance, instrumental and vocal expression. Slovak national art has found an honest representative in Lúčnica, abundantly has become an artistic and generational link between the traditions from the past and the turbulent yet strikingly beautiful present.

erasmus-huis_ballet_slovakia_2The performance brought to reality, two important qualities to Lúčnica. The first one is its eternal youth, represented by the ensemble members, students of the Bratislava colleges and universities. The second characteristic is the artistic direction of the ensemble focusing on traditional folklore in a symbiosis with one-of-a-kind professional stage adaption under its Artistic Leader and Choreographer Prof. Štefan Nosáľ.

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