Best School for Special Needs Education: Saraswati Learning Center

Finding the right school for your love ones is never a simple matter. Even more challenging is to find the right education provider for children who have physical, emotional or learning difficulties. In this case, parents may find it beneficial to send their children to Saraswati Learning Centre (SLC), which is specifically designed to address children with special needs.

Reshma Wijaya Bhojwani, the Founder and Owner of SLC has been highly inspired by her very own special daughter. “Throughout these years, it has been a very challenging but yet a rewarding experience. I was able to strive and strike to be the best mother I could be. I’m still not perfect, but I am what I am today because of my wonderful daughter” quoted Reshma. “Throughout my journey I worked very hard to maximize my daughters’ capability, in order for her to be the girl she is today. So I told to myself if I can help her, why can’t I help other children. It’s my belief, that each and every individual can achieve their desired goals. Therefore, SLC was established with a vision to get the best out of children with all abilities, through an out of the box system that is personalized to each individual.”
saraswati_learning_center_jakarta4SLC’s aim is to create the future of tomorrow’s children. It is our vision and mission to enhance each and every individual in order for them to grow successfully and shine bright as part of the community. The school accepts all children with Autism, ADHD, ADD, Global Development Delay, Speech Delay, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other related syndromes.

Individualized Timetable Plan

In SLC, a child first goes through a psychological assessment. Hence, the child’s needs, type and frequency of therapy can be identified. It will also be decided whether the individual is able to enter the educational system and the extended extra activities. From there, an Individualized Plan will be created.


What makes SLC particularly unique is the flexibility and a self-made curriculum that is personalized, which eventually forms into an individualized plan.

SLC also provide additional activities such as dance, drama, art and craft, yoga, cooking, IT and music, available throughout the whole week. These additional classes as well as tutoring classes are open to all abilities, not only special needs.


SLC has developed its own curriculum, which is Montessori based inspired. “We want to create a child full of joy by providing an enriching environment that makes them feel like home.” Reshma added. Saraswasti Learning Center assures all parents that each and every individual will grow holistically.

saraswati_learning_center_jakarta3For more information about Saraswati Learning Center, visit, or call 021-4240815/08121118889. You can also visit the school during the open house period, starting 29 April 2016 (08.30AM-17.00PM). Enrollment starts May 2nd. 2016.

SLE Cempaka Putih
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Phone: 021-4240815/021-4246862/08121118889
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Saraswati Learning Center
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