Best Ice Cream Places in Jakarta

Enjoy ice cream with full of experiences! Each serving is made to order from natural ingredients to liquid nitrogen. These are ice cream places in town you must try!

best ice cream places in Jakarta

Pesca Ice Cream

For over 10 years, Pesca has been offering ice cream devoted to the principle of premium quality by using selected natural ingredients. Each individual ice cream can be tailor-made with decorations according to your own preferences.
Pesca Ice Cream can be delivered right to your doorstep, beautifully wrapped in the elegant signature Pesca Ice Cream packaging. The combination of its beautiful, elaborate decorations and irresistible taste makes Pesca Ice Cream the perfect choice to celebrate any priceless milestone in life – be it a celebration of a birth, promotion, anniversary or any other memorable moment.
Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No.6C
Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat 11610
Phone: 021-580 1455, 021-580 4604


Magnum Café

New Magnum Cafe offers the concept, “House of Chocolate” – a haven filled with Chocolate Experts. Providing the best concept of modern and chic cafe, and combined with delicious Belgian chocolate made by experts, Magnum cafe is an urban escape for the pleasure seekers.
Grand Indonesia
West Mall 6th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No 1
Central Jakarta 10310
Phone: +6221 235 800 55


LIN Artisan Ice Cream

LIN Artisan Ice Cream stands for Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, the first that opened in Jakarta, placed in Jalan Taman Kemang 1 No.6. The word ‘Artisan’ refers to the people inside this store who work an art for each ice cream they made.
Using gloves and glasses to protect them and let the art of ice cream be more hygiene. The ambiance feels so calm with simple minimalist industrial stuffs combine with a small garden area, such a fresh atmosphere.
Gelato and Sorbet are two enjoyable ice creams you can find here, made from premium fresh fruits like strawberry or lemon. Fresh fruits, espresso shots (also made after you order the coffee ice cream), and even some alcoholic elements (try the rum raisin made with a smidge of 40-proof rum and rum-soaked raisins) are transformed into cold, rich and delicious ice cream.
Jalan Taman Kemang 1 No.6
Phone: 021 – 71794393
Mobile: 0838 9577 1560
BB: 2674767E
Email: [email protected]


Baltic Ice Cream

Baltic Ice Cream is included to the legendary original Indonesian ice cream. Because the ice cream produced by PT Balticindo Jaya, has existed since 1939. The ice cream shop based in Jalan Kramat Raya, Jakarta is also known to have a distinctive flavor because it is made from natural ingredients, such as milk, sugar native and fresh fruits.
Jl. Raya Pejuangan 13-D
Raya Pejuangan
Central Jakarta
Phone: 021-5357400



ELICXIR Artisan Gelato

ELICXIR Artisan Gelato specializes in using liquid nitrogen to make your gelato in less than a minute like a true alchemist. All flavors are hand-crafted from the freshest and purest ingredients, creating the smoothest and creamiest ice cream you’ll crave all week.
ELICXIR Artisan Gelato don’t cater to boring and plain flavors, so expect to find bold experimental flavors which will change regularly over time. Fresh seasonal ingredients give more reason to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. It’s more than just making ice cream, it’s how to create a decadent scoop of gold which melts your heart.
Various and unique flavors includes Avocado Mocha, Chocolate Matcha, Cardamom, Mooncake, Tokyo Banana, Vanilla Beetroot, and White Chocolate. While we wait for their permanent store in Plaza Indonesia, in the meantime ELIXCIR can be found in special occasion or events.
Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Floor #019 (Across Pancious)
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta, Indonesia 15350
Phone: 021-29923717


Ron’s Laboratory

Taking a concept of a laboratory, this new comer in liquid nitrogen ice cream already have a comfortable spot in Grand Indonesia, 5th Floor West Mall.
The whole atmosphere inside is unique with chalkboard and clear glass that separates the rooms, so people can enjoy the gigantic smoke from their ‘lab’. Coffee infused into a cup of Avocado ice cream using injection might sounds like a gimmick, but its definitely more than just meets the eye.
The flavor is as good as it looks. Ron’s Laboratory also allows you to customize different flavors using your favorite ingredients. There are several menus offering as a tribute to Indonesia’s authentic ingredients, such as Mung Beans Gelato for this November.
Grand Indonesia West Mall
5th floor ED2-12B Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta, Indonesia 10310
Phone: 021-98782192


Lind’s Ice Cream

It begins with the passion to provide healthy food for the children, therefore with developed or enhance an old fashioned, home made and natural recipe to produce their food till now. Lind’s ice cream company established on 1987, as the opening of their first cafe in 1994 in Semarang. Now you can find them in 3 main capital city In Java island.
Gading Batavia LC 09/33
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Phone: 021 4585 4417

Freeze Ice Cream

Freeze ice cream is a new innovative way of enjoying freshly made ice cream using liquid nitrogen at -196 C in front of you in one minute. Similar to Ron’s Laboratory, the waiters at Freeze Ice Cream Parlor all wear white lab coats and goggles. What sets Freeze apart from the other places in town is that Freeze ice cream is more customizable.
Aside from being able to choose your ice cream size, at Freeze you can also customize your toppings and sugar level. The toppings range from candy, nuts, waffle, pretzel to fruits and many more.
Located on the 4th floor of Taman Anggrek Mall, the establishment is strategically located right above the sky rink. This will enable customers to have a good view of the rink while enjoying their ice cream.
L4 Mal Taman Anggrek
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 21
Phone: 021-5639981
email: [email protected]


BC’s Cone

As you can see in its name, they are serving interesting colorful soft ice cream in cone. With its tagline: The Artology of soft Ice Cream, they made it really artsy. They have six flavours: vanilla, macha, nutella, strawberry candy, cream soda and taro.
From the cone you can choose different colors like Black Charcoal, Red Roses, and Blue Bubble Gum.
Ruko Crown Golf
Blok B2 No. 2 Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta


North Pole Café

North Pole Cafe is a cafe specialized in Gelato, Coffee and Waffle. This is one of the cutest ice cream café in Jakarta, the newest addition of ice cream place at PIK. Colorful soft cream with colored ice cream cone is their specialty.
The interior inside is cute and lovely, the simple combination between white, walls, wooden furniture and a bit of color combination. Your eyes would be pampered also with cute mural drawing on the wall.
Jalan Marina Raya, Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 2921 0357


Popbar Ice Cream

Popbar Ice Cream offer a traditional gelato treat by preparing it in the most genuine way, using only real fruit and a handful of Italian ingredients. All the popbars are natural and made fresh daily. Blending authenticity with innovation, they serve the gelato in a new way – on a stick, which is more fun, customizable, easier to eat and kid friendly.
Epiwalk Epicentrum Lt. GF
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said
South Jakarta 12960


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