Beervana: Bringing in The Craft Beer Nirvana

Beer nerds, rejoice. You’ll soon be able to get a steady stream of world’s most famed craft beers from around the world.

If you really haven’t noticed, the beer world has recently found a brand new fascination over the craft and microbreweries. And although the microbrewing movement began in the UK, The US is one of the fastest growing craft beer movement in the world; As of December 2016, the Brewers Association recorded a record high of 5,301 breweries operating in the U.S alone, an increase of 826 breweries over the same time period of the previous year.

Craft beer technically means small, independently owned brewers using traditional ingredients such as malted barley, or innovative ingredients to enhance flavor. It is a movement to break free from the majority blonde lager that’s makes up 80% of the beer being consumed in the world.

What about Indonesia? There are a handful of local breweries that have introduced us with some new beer options, and we can literally count them with one hand. There’s Stark, that has quite the line up of wheat beers and IPAs, or straight up home-breweries such as Coffeebeerian.

These options will keep us happy for a little bit, But nothing more really. We never really get the chance to sample the best of craft beers, until Beervana came to the picture.

Beervana is a curator and importer of craft beer started by a couple of craft beer fans Aaron Greiser and Brian Bartusch in Thailand. After a short few years, the company quickly revolutionized the beer scene in the country with the brands they bring in, and they are about to do the same in Indonesia.

What better way to introduce the bringing in one of the best brands you can find in the craft beer that truly represents the roots of the American craft beer revolution: the Anderson Valley of California, USA. All 5 of their most classic ales and IPAs.

Anderson Valley Beer Tasting at the launch last March 

This means something for everyone too from the standard 5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) to the heavyweight 8,70% that makes it the heaviest beer you can find in Jakarta today!

For now, the best way to enjoy Anderson Valley is to pair with great food from Jakarta’s best restaurants. I recently paired the beer with amazing Thai grubs straight from the kitchen of the modern Southeast Asian food genius, Will Meyrick at E&O. The richness of all the spices that the chef incorporates to his dishes, are balanced nicely with Anderson Valley’s variety of flavors. Union Group Head Mixologist Kiki Moka also lent his expertise in mixing up Anderson Valley beers in his cocktails.

anderson valley beer cocktail 3

I am no expert in craft beer, but suffice to say that I’ve never had a line of beer that’s quite so easy to enjoy (no matter the bitterness level!) and so distinctive, such as Anderson Valley’s variety of beers.

We’re not even done savoring all these ales, and Beervana is already bring in more beers to the city. And they already have one lining up: Tuatara craft beer from New Zealand’s Tuatara Breweries will be the next one for you to try, and it will be coming up your way very very soon. How exciting is that?

Welcome to Indonesia, Beervana!

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