As the world’s oldest cognac brand, Martell is synonymous with quality and class. The heritage of 300 years old cognac tradition never seems to fade as the brand’s DNA. Producing the best cognac since 1715, Martell is the first and foremost cognac producer that sold its product worldwide, making cognac a classic experience as we know now. The brand is a subsidiary company of French wines and spirits group, Pernod-Ricard.

Throughout its existence, Martell has strived on three basic brand DNA that has been their trademarks since days of yore. Martell believes that art of craftsmanship, the art of tasting and art of gastronomy are the three pillars that brand must have which also helps boost the brand’s popularity among the rich and famous of Europe and the world, the drink then became a culture of its own. For over 300 years of the brand’s heritage and legacy, Martell remains consistently the finest cognac in the world, delivering only the best cognac experience for its loyalists throughout the world.

A brand’s appreciation of art is also something that Martell can never be short of. Martell has consistently support modern art movement in France, and wherever in the world. In Indonesia, this year, Martell celebrates its love for local art by once again holding Martell Be Curious with the title “ArtXFashion”. With its tagline: “what you wear is (not) what you are; you are (not) what you wear” Martell wants to prove to the market that its undying love and support for modern art can be seen through its support for interesting art movement that celebrates local artists with all its diversity.

Held on the 27th of November at The Warehouse in Plaza Indonesia, Martell aims to hold an exhibition different from other exhibitions where art lovers are invited to the museum or exhibition hall, the brand wants to deliver a different experience by working together with the country’s premier shopping mall, Plaza Indonesia, as the venue for this year “ArtXFashion”.


If you’re not yet familiar with the pleasure of a glass of cognac after a meal, we have this video for you on how can you best enjoy your glass of cognac…..




Images : Martell

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