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Bartele Gallery is the only dedicated gallery in Indonesia which focuses on antique Maps, Prints, Photographs, Books and Antiquities. Ideal for a unique memento or decorative art piece investment from Indonesia. Come and browse our extensive collection of original maps and prints from all across the globe.


A fine early to mid-20th century black and white etching of two cockatoos perched on a branch of a tree in full flower by Dirk Homberg (1885-1952), the Dutch artist, painter, lithographer who studied in Rotterdam and produced etchings of city and rural landscapes of Indonesia. The work is signed by the artist.


Straat Sunda

Sunda, Sumatra and Java. 1753

Extremely rare chart that was published exclusively in the secret atlas of the VOC (Dutch East India Company), this secret atlas was created for internal use only. No doubt one of the very best and most detailed early charts of the East Indies region.

 Gerard van Keulen (1678-1726), engraver, mathematician and chart-maker in Amsterdam, son of Johannes van Keulen. In 1704 he took control if the company and built up a high reputation for the quality of Keulen navigation charts. Appointed Hydrographer to the VOC ( Dutch East India Company ), in 1714. Revised, augmented and re-issued his father’s atlases, adding many of his own charts.



Attractive late 18th century ‘optical’ print in old colour of Batavia’s harbour and town how it was in the old days. The print, which was designed to be shown through a light projector hence the reversed title, was engraved by Franz Xaver Habermann (1721-96), a German draughtsman, painter and engraver from Augsberg and published in a French travelogue, Collection des Prospects, probably between 1780 and 1796. Perspective views (vues d’optique) were a special type of popular print published in Europe in the 18th century. These prints provided a form of entertainment when viewed through a device called an ‘optical machine’ or ‘optique”, a forerunner of the modern slide projector.


Carte des Indes

A much sought-after early to mid-18th century map of India, China, South-east Asia and the East Indian Islands in original colour by the French geographer Abraham Châtelain (1684-1743). This very well-proportioned map was published in Châtelain’s Atlas historique between 1719 -1735.


Handcolouored lithographs by Ernest Hardouin, Batavia c.1846.

Ernest Harouin arrived in Batavia on 20 September 1842 as a decor designer with a French theatrical troupe. In Batavia he made numerous sketches and drawings of Batavia and its inhabitants. In 1846 he applied to the Government for permission to travel in central Java in connection with his interest in art and painting, he was given permission to go only as far as Semarang, which he had already visited briefly in the previous year. Some of the plates after his drawings suggest that he may have travelled in west Java and the Priangan, and also, judging by some plates, possibly in South Sumatra as well. Hardouin apparently died in poverty in January 1854, his belongings being taken over by the Court of Chancery at Batavia.

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