Bali Creative Week 2017 Showcases Local Young Designers

The annual exhibition of local creative industries in Bali, Bali Creative Week 2017, has just had another successful event last week on 27 – 30 April 2017!

Happens at Level 21 Mall in Denpasar, Bali Creative Week 2017 is participated by many young designers and local brands from cities around Indonesia such as Exme Gallery, Nail Art House, Tyramona, Anak Bengkel, DYS, O2 Nails, Trone, Suvit, ABG Shop, Dkey, Wakoka Handmade, Locapoca, Nails Department,, Chandra Kirana Boutique, and Everlasting Batik.

Press Conference Bali Creative week 2017Especially on Saturday, 29 April, public fashion shows by Exme Gallery, Tyramona, and Everlasting Batik were performed brilliantly.

At the exhibition, local creative communities show what they got and successfully created a fun atmosphere. All thanks to communities Ketimbang Ngemis Bali, Rebelines Bali, Bali Stage Photography, Parkour Bali, Beauty Talk Indo, Global Cigarette, Movement 9 CM, and many more.

Bali creative weekFor the whole 4 days, the event is packed with full program from 12 pm to 10 pm! There are workshop, make up show, beauty demo, dancing performance, local bands, and many other exciting activities.

If you miss this year event, don’t worry! Keep your eyes open for the next Bali Creative Week 2017!

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