Essential Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

baby shower gift ideas jakarta

The news of your friend’s baby delivery is surely an amazing and exciting thing to hear. And to cherish that moment, of course you will want to express your joy with an awesome gift at the baby shower event. For the gift, basically all you need to do is giving something useful and thoughtful thing for the mother and baby itself. Tall task? Here we have some recommendations for you and where to buy them in Jakarta.

But before deciding the gift, you need to take note of the baby shower invitation details like the theme and baby’s gender. You also have to notice the characteristic of your friend and her partner, what they love, their lifestyle, and their interests. This will guide you to the right path when choosing the gift for the baby.

Books for the Mom and Baby

You either can give a shelf full of books for mother and newborn baby, or just pick few recommended books for them. For the mother, you can pick several themes of guide book for a new mom. But, you can also give her some funny novels or comics since new moms usually need comic relief after some post-birth stress. For the baby, pick some early knowledge book series with cute and colorful page and cover. This is not only a thoughtful gift, but also useful for a very long time.

Baby Carrier

baby carrier 2One of the most essential tools for mother who is just giving a birth is a baby carrier. There are several types of baby carrier, but the best is a front carrier. This type is the easiest to use also comfortable for both mother and the baby. For a newborn baby, you can choose either sling or wrap carrier. Don’t forget to also make sure the carrier has a good safety, nursingfriendly, and easy to clean.

On-The-Go Essentials

Going out with a baby, especially for a new mom is absolutely a lot of work. There are so many preparations and hardest work is probably prepare the on-the-go essentials. To help your friend, you can give her a bag filled with those essentials, such as diapers, wet wipes, one or two outfits for the baby, a milk bottle (if the baby drinks formula), chew toys, and a pacifier. You can also put some extra stuffs as a gift to the mother inside the bag.

This is a recommended baby shower gift, because it’s so practical and one of the basic needs of having a baby. To make your gift looks more interesting and fun, you can give a baby tub filled with some bath needs for baby, including shampoo, soap for baby’s sensitive skin, washcloth, and baby towel. Add few rubber ducks for a cute touch to your baby bath package. You can also add some after-bath gears, such as hair comb, hair lotion, baby powder, skin lotion, and cologne.

Eating Gear

Another basic need of having a baby is none other the eating gear. Just like other need mentions above, you can give them in a package. Some essential eating tools are bib, spoons, bowls, plates, sippy cups, and baby chair that usually come in a set.

You can find and buy all those gifts in Jakarta at our recommended baby shops.

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