Babooji: Modern Indian Restaurant in Jakarta

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a new modern Indian restaurant in Jakarta called Babooji. Babooji is a nickname for someone who has gained the respect of the whole neighborhood due to his wisdom. He becomes the go-to person for inspiration and he welcomes everyone, be it the prince or the pauper.

With its catchy name, the new restaurant in the Dharmawangsa area is bringing fresh air to the legendary Indian cuisine with a modern contemporary touch. If you are just trying to get familiar with Indian dishes, the restaurant is a great starting point.

babooji-jakarta-4Once you are entering the restaurant, you won’t feel outdated. The elegant wooden interior is paired with fun furniture and lighting, and a classy bar is ready to serve you amazing cocktails. On the wall you will find 10 house rules that you ought to follow; a great wisdom from the Babooji himself. All in all, it gives you a combination of modern, fun and young vibes that might be missing from other Indian restaurants in town.

babooji-jakartaBabooji has an even funkier private room inside the restaurant. Windows on the two sides of the rooms created a comfortable ambiance for any occasion on the day. At the night, warm lighting will be reflected on the glass above your head to all over the room. On some tables, you might find sunglasses. Apparently its a reservation sign for the table.


babooji-2Not only the sleek interior design, Babooji has also created a list of modern dishes which can be enjoyed by everyone. Inside the bright blue menu, you can find Tandoori Pizza and Indian Burger with homemade ingredients. There is also classy Chindian Food, a Chinese inspired Indian cuisine, and some variation of traditional Indian dishes.

babooji-jakarta-9The best way to enjoy your experience at Babooji is to start with Disco Chai, a variation of traditional drink with warm milk and sweet biscuits. It reminds you of the comfort of your home.

babooji-jakarta-disco-chaiThen go on with soups, salads, and small bites. The restaurant serves crunchy Okra Fries that great with beer and cocktails. Alternatively, dive right into the classic Indian Cuisine by ordering masala and naan as a starter.

babooji-okra-friesFor the main course, biryanis are great with almost everything. It’s suitable to be paired with curry and any other dishes with creamy sauce. There are also tons of vegetarian choices that taste as good as the rest. As mentioned before, Babooji also serves alcohol and cocktails from their bar. You may find classy drinks, as well as unique cocktails to accompany your evening. But there are also healthy drinks such as smoothies and juices.


The modern interpretation of Indian cuisine is definitely interesting to try. It caters to everyone who wants to enjoy the day with delicious foods. Perhaps its charming interior and excellent cooking will make Babooji your new favorite hangout place in Jakarta.


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