Ayana’s New Blue Terrace Cafe


Opening November 2017, Blue Terrace Café presents a new style of innovative cuisine designed to boost overall well-being with healthy dishes, rich juices and mouthwatering pastries created right before guests’ eyes.

Blue Terrace invites local residents and visitors to discover a sanctuary in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities at AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA, where balancing their fabulous lifestyle is as easy as meeting colleagues for lunch, or catching up with friends over dessert.
“Making healthy lifestyle choices in today’s modern world can be tricky,” says Chef Johan Kusnadi. “Our goal with Blue Terrace is to provide a convenient gateway and ample opportunity for guests to experience total mind-body connection, simply by enjoying a delicious meal in our relaxed garden setting or air-conditioned dining room.”

Thoughtfully curated with the perfect balance of nature, health and style, Blue Terrace is designed to flow into three inviting spaces that promise unique and engaging interactions. Offering a refuge from their hectic day-to-day, guests dine amongst flowering blossoms and soothing greenery, while AYANA’s friendly team delivers an endless supply of fresh veggies, locally sourced and colorful herbs as well as edible flowers.

Packed with healthy foods, Asian spices and exotic flavors, each dish is designed to not only elevate mood, but to also enhance energy and brainpower. Signature specialties will be that Raw pad Thai, Edible garden, Wrap the duck, Green is back, and Cut the crab which are unique to Blue terrace.

AYANA’s chefs love to show off their creative vision, and Blue Terrace offers an opportunity to
inspire foodies to make healthy desserts at home. Daily live cooking demonstrations present a new twist on the lunch or dinner experience, bridging the culinary fusion of pleasure and health with exceptional veggie desserts.

Blue Terrace’s Innovative healthy dessert menu includes vegetable based product that is perfect for healthy consciousness guests such as broccoli, yam, corn, cassava, sweet potato, and beetroot cake, Blue Terrace will also serve gluten free and dairy free options desserts. For sweet indulgences, Blue Terrace’s healthy drink menu offers playful choices ranging from original healthy juices, smoothies, infused water and tea tails, this will all help you rejuvinate from the inside.

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Tel: +(62) 21-2510888      Fax: +(62) 21-2511777

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