Authentic Royal Indian Cuisine at Man Aur Tan

There is no Indian restaurant in Jakarta more authentic than Man Aur Tan that located in Merlynn Park Hotel and Manhattan Hotel. The dishes are cooked by Executive Chef Yagya Dutt Sharma with a real recipe and cooking technique from India. What they serve is totally different than other restaurants in Jakarta, a whole new experience for those who truly want to try the real Royal Indian cuisine.

man aur tan_13
Executive Chef Yagya Dutt Sharma – Merlynn Park Jakarta hotel Sunlake group

Man Aur Tan literally means mind and body, which translated by the restaurant into foods that are good for your mind and body. This means less butter and sugar, and more healthy spices and ingredients. For example, the Broccoli Shorba, a green soup with spices, that are perfect for the cold and rainy weather. The elegant restaurant serves vegetarian, nonvegeratian and Vaishnavi delicacies to the health conscious.

man aur tan_2
Broccoli Shroba, Tadoori Cooza Tikka, and Gosht Galouti Kebab

Besides the popular Tadoori Chicken and Kebab, there are many variations of dishes that cannot be found in other restaurants in Jakarta. Nalli Nihari, for instance, is the national dish of Pakistan. Typically cooked from Muslim Nawab’s kitchen and served after sunrise fajr pray, it is a slow cooked lamb in the favorable bone marrow.

man aur tan_4
Nalli Nihari
man aur tan_3
Shahi Shimla Mirch

For vegetarians, Shahi Shimla Mirch is a great variation of the daily diet. The dish is simply made from bell peppers and different type of nuts, and cooked with delicious tomato gravy.

Even their biryani and paratha taste different and unique. Especially the Warqi Paratha which has a slightly sweet taste and grainy texture. Like any paratha, they are good with different types of curries.

man aur tan_8
Chilman Biryani, Warqi Paratha, and Masala

Man Aur Tan also serves many special desserts; some are the childhood favorites of the chefs himself. One of which caught my eyes is Baked Malai Rasgulla. The famous dessert from Kolkata is made from cottage cheese, then soaked in sugar syrup and baked with milk custard. In its original country, there are different types of versions of Rasgulla, but they are mostly sweet and perfect to boost up your energy.

man aur tan_10
Baked Malai Rasgulla

The reputable restaurant may re-write all your previous Indian cuisine experience in Jakarta. Man Aur Tan is a must if you are looking for a new experience, but also a great choice for a classy evening where you will be served as kings and queens.

Man Aur Tan Indian Restaurant

Merlynn Park Hotel, Lobby Level
Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari Kav. 29 – 31
Jakarta 10130

Phone: 021 300 26 888 Ext. 7080

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  1. mayubossa

    This way you will speed up the paratha-making process and get to enjoy the entire stack of parathas hot. Serve lauki paratha hot with chutney/pickle, yogurt, curry. Meal below: lauki paratha with pumpkin mangodi curry. Notes: Check other paratha recipes that follow a similar knead-into-dough pattern: beetroot paratha, cabbage paratha, spinach paratha. If you’d rather go the stuffed way, try sattu paratha, onion tomato paratha, minced soya paratha.

  2. Nisha Sharma

    wow..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸœπŸπŸ±πŸ¨…..πŸ‘πŸ’‚Great chefs are made, not in fancy kitchens, but in a passion and way of life that drives people to see food as something that is more than just a hunger fix.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Sumit Dhakad

    It’s really nice for Indians who are enjoying their weekend in jakarta. Because some of the people they can not servive Indian food. Man of Tun it’s really good. Mr. Yagya Sharma you are doing a good job, your article is such a wonderful.

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