Artotelforhope, A Hope For Mental Disabilities


In the spirit of welcoming Festive Season, ARTOTEL Project Series (APS), an Event Management from ARTOTEL Group is back with #ARTOTELforHOPE, the annual Corporate Social Responsible program that is held at every ARTOTEL from December 1st to 31st 2017. #ARTOTELforHOPE is a social driven action to care about people’s HOPE in the upcoming year, as well as an action to contribute back to the local community.

Aside from the workshop, through #ARTOTELforHOPE, APS is conducting a social act through fund raising from December 1 – 31 2017 at ARTOTEL in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali by following actions:
1. Donating Rp. 5.000,- from every FIT/Individual room transaction.
2. Exhibiting artworks from Art Therapy Workshop participants in every ARTSPACE of ARTOTEL Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.
3. Selling a series of postcard with artworks printed from Art Therapy Workshop participants for only Rp.10.000,- .
4. Art Therapy Workshops for public that will be conducted by Art Manager of ARTOTEL Group together with some good painting skill social practitioners.

All the beneficiary profits from artwork and post card purchase, as well as workshop submission fee will be donated to these local communities, appointed by each hotel:

Jakarta: Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia (KPSI), addressed at Jl. Limo No.26, RT.5/RW.2, Bali Mester, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, founded in 2009. KPSI is a community base that spreads out throughout Indonesia and takes a special concern on Mental Disabilities. Initially built from scratches by Mr. Bagus Utomo, a Schizophrenic caregiver, nowadays KPSI focusing not only at educational background program but also giving legality support to The Schizophrenics. The member of KPSI comes from former patients, families, medical practitioners, and even the society. Mr. Addi Chandra, a psychologist and also a founder of HOPE, Heart of People, a social community who act in helping and supporting people who has schizophrenia, will be the representative from KPSI.

Surabaya: Liponsos located in Jl. Keputih Tegal No.32, Surabaya. Liponsos is actually an acronym that stands for Lingkungan Pondok Sosial, a community that accommodating, building, and empowering the less fortunate such as beggars, people with mental illness, prostitutes, and abandoned seniors. Stated that there are 1050 Liponsos residents where 840 of them are people with mental illness, consist of 400 women and other 440 men. So far Liponsos only have 48 volunteers to cover the whole residents, which we think is not enough, said Mr. Danang Setyo Budi Baskoro, Director of Brilian Psychology who is also a representative of Liponsos.

Bali: Rumah Berdaya (RB) Denpasar, an extension from Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia (KPSI) for Bali area, which fully supported by local government of Denpasar and also various local communities and institutes. RB was built in 2016 and resides in a building that belongs to the local government on Jl. Hayam Wuruk 179, Tanjung Bungkak – Denpasar. Rumah Berdaya was initiated by dr. Rai Wiguna SpKJ, Budi Agung Kuswara, Nyoman Sudiasa, Komang Ayu, Schizophrenia patients, and health care professionals.

Erastus Radjimin, CEO ARTOTEL Group said, ‘’Through #ARTOTELforHOPE We want to encourage all the guests to express their wishes, goals, and hopes for the upcoming year and also can contribute back to the community. This year we take mental disabilities as our main concern, handing out all the possible supports that we can give through #ARTOTELforHOPE and still in touch with the creativity side. Never to think them as an outcast, here we give them opportunity to create some artworks. These Art Workshops that we have been conducting so far is the right platform for them to express their emotions, indeed Art helps according to the psychologists. From the Art workshops, the artworks will be exhibited in every ARTSPACE of ARTOTEL. We can contribute something to them by staying at ARTOTEL throughout December as well as purchasing an artwork or a series postcard with artworks printed on the back.‘’

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