Anticipating ICAD 2017: MURNI?

On 4th of October, Yayasan Design+Art Indonesia is coming back with Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) this year with a new theme ‘MURNI?’ or ‘PURE?’. Located at grandkemang Jakarta, ICAD will be open for public for 6 weeks until 15 November 2017.

ICAD8 IncloverICAD 2017 will discuss and explore the term ‘essence’ and ‘essential’. In Indonesia the two words have heavy and complex meanings, and so tend to be avoided in daily conversation. The question mark at the end is an effort to urge participants to be more critical about the topic.

A total of 50 artists, designers, and creative people will participate in this event by creating art pieces that content statements, functional, and unique. Some of the artists are Alvin Thirtowirjo, Denny Priyatna, Hendra HEHE, Mice Misrad and The Popo.

Just like in the past 7 years, ICAD  2017: MURNI? will be filled with inspiring activities that will bring art closer to the public. There will be 3 talks about art, design and architecture, and film at grandkemang Jakarta, that will be attended by guest speakers: Hilmar Farid, Antonio Pio Saracino, Amoury Pudray, and Kurt Rieder.

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