Another Major Anti-Ahok Protest Awaits | No More Fast Track Visa Agents

Dear Jakartans!

Jakarta is bracing for yet another large-scale demonstration to be conducted by conservative Islamic groups this Friday (2/11). The police estimates about 150,000 protesters will join the protest, or about the same number of people that gathered on the November 4th rally. We sure hope that the rally will not cause any major disruptions!

The government is stopping immigration agencies from utilizing their fast-track privileges in the processing of visa permits in immigration offices, a move that is part of President Jokowi’s agenda to crack down on illegal levies. As a result, any foreigners working in Indonesia must be present in person in the immigration offices and join the queue for any visa applications, The Jakarta Post reports. What do you think about this new regulation by the government? Let us know what you think and leave a comment in the comments section!

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