Black Sheep Kemang: An Italian Fare We Can’t Resist

Consistently producing good bars and restaurants, Kemang is still the go-to neighbourhood for those looking to chill after work or weekend drinking binge with friends and colleagues. Another addition to the already crowded Kemang area is currently our favourite. Black Sheep Jakarta, located at the intersection in the heart of Kemang reminds us of the good old days of true-blue Southern Italian cuisine served and prepared with the utmost attention to detail and respect to the culture and heritage of South Italian cuisine.

Black sheep_interior1Black sheep_interior2The man behind it all is the founder and also Chef Michele Cuozzo. Growing up in the rural area of Southern Italy, Michele is fascinated with the original and authentic Southern Italian cuisine that make use of fresh ingredients from the farm just outside his house and the hillside surrounding the community where he grew up. It is this feeling of humble fascination to Italian food that made his cuisine at Black Sheep, somewhat different, and for us, it just continues to delight us to no end.

Black sheep_wineThe restaurant is open from 6 in the morning all the way through midnight offering different types of cuisine for any time of the day. The restaurant also has a sports bar with a pool table and TVs to watch the latest football matches or what have you. And for those looking to indulge themselves in classic Italian fare, they are in for a treat. You can try dishes like Black Sheep Ink Pasta, Squid Ink Rissoto, and the delightful Tuna Carpaccio for a more daring dish. You can also opt for a more comforting choice like their classic Crudaiola Pizza (Tomatoes, Parma Ham, Arugula, Mozzarella and sprinkles of Parmesan Cheese).

Black sheep_2

Black sheep_pizzaBut talking about Southern Italy, then you are talking about serious seafood selections, and it is wise to try out their Seafood Soup that stays true to the age-old recipe and tasted really fresh due to the use of fresh ingredients that Chef Michele always guarantee every single day. The classic Salsiccia (pork sausage) is also available at Black Sheep for you to devour. One thing that we may suggest, do not expect any fusion cuisine here. If you have respect for the beautiful tradition and culture of Italian food, then (to our minds) this is the only place in town that will satisfy your cravings. And besides, food is an adventure, let’s leave the boring and dull to our daily job, but we challenge you to try out something new whenever you visit Black Sheep.

Black sheep_5

Black sheep_pasta

Black sheep_1And if you happen to meet Chef Michele (he’s always at the restaurant), be sure to chat with him about the food’s history and culture, we believe that his sense of humour and knowledge of the cuisine he loves most will make you want to visit Black Sheep more often.

Black Sheep Jakarta
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2
Phone: +62-21-71791239

Text & Photos: gs

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