Ambiente Aryaduta: Refreshed Appetite

Ambiente, Aryaduta Jakarta’s Italian restaurant, has received a massive face lift. Previously an old-fashioned wine and dine restaurant, the restaurant is returning with a brand new vigor. Off with the white tablecloth and in with the exposed bricks and rustic industrial elements on the table, ceilings, floors and overall look.

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ambiente aryaduta jakarta 4The modern-classic look is reminiscent of classic American-Italian bistro, and Chef Matteo Meacci’s tatted up and man bun is in sync with the restaurant’s new laid back and welcoming ambiance, bringing some refreshing element to the menu that otherwise still retains its classic Italian dish breakdown. Here you can find antipasti to share, consisting of salamis, pate, olives, and italian pickles, some imported from Italy and some home made by Matteo himself.

Chef Matteo Meacci’s prepares his classic pizza dough to gently slowly and steadily rise for 48 hours to let the yeast do all the work and let it develop a characteristic taste. He then bakes it in his stone pizza oven in matter of minutes to let the crust crisps and the inside stay fluffy.

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He lists the classics the likes of margherita, quattro formaggi, salsicccia–topped with homemade pork sausage, or the diavola, and also the more experimental like the Focaccia Ripiena al Rendang, stuffed with mozarella cheese and the Indonesian beef rendang.

The pasta and risotto selection mixes up the use of freshly made pastas, homemade sauces, fresh seafood, and other simple and fresh ingredients. We tried the tagliolini neri al Granchio ; tagliolini tossed in fresh blue swimmer crab sauce. The al dente fresh black ink tagliolini bears witness to chef matteo’s expertise in fresh pasta making that marries very nicely with the crab meat and fresh tomato, basil, and chili sauce.

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ambiente aryaduta jakarta 15For desserts, the Bombe Alaska is popular for its striking look; a ball ice cream layers covered in meringue spikes, its massive size good to share with the whole table. Even more decadent is the chocolate and green tea lava cake that gives new live to the almost, just almost, forgotten art of warm cake.

Aryaduta Jakarta:
Jalan Prajurit KKO Usman dan Harun No.44-48, Jakarta
[email protected]
Tel number: (021) 23521234
Whatsapp number: 0821 1172 3898

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